NASCAR is sending the wrong message.

13 03 2010

For those that missed it #99 Carl Edwards intentionally wrecked #12 Brad Keselowski in the closing laps at Atlanta Motor Speedway. What Edwards did not intend to have happen was the #12 car to go airborne and land on its roof potentially causing serious injury to Keselowski. Fortunetly Keselowski walked away from the wreck and no fans where injured.

What was NASCARs response to this type of retaliation? A huge fine? Lose of drivers points? Suspension? Nope. Edwards had to sit out the last few laps of the race, he was over 150 laps down anyway and a 3 race probation.

When I read that I had a huge WTF moment. Back in 2004 Dale Jr. was fined $10,000 and lost 25 drivers points after winning his 5th race at Talladaga Superspeedway and in the heat of the moment he let the “S” word slip out on National TV.

So the message appears to be this, it is ok to retaliate against another driver even if it almost kills or seriously injures him or a fan because it brings in the ratings, but heaven forbid in the heat of the moment you say “It don’t mean s— right now. Daddy’s won here 10 times.”

What NASCAR should have done instead was send a serious message that retaliation will not be tolerated no matter what the circumstances might be. Edwards should have been fined $100,000 and lost 100 drivers/owners points. He probably should have been forced to sit out the next race and placed on probation till the end of the year. That would have sent the rest of the drivers a strong message that NASCAR will now longer tolerate drivers retaliating no matter what your intention was.


24 12 2009

Robot Chef

people these robots ARE AWESOME

Hello from work

20 10 2007

Guess I am not a very good blogger since I don’t post stuff on a regular basis anymore. Just to many other things to do.

I am currently spending a boring day at work. At least it is 8-5 so I still have time after work to do stuff.

I really don’t like working weekends anymore. I use to do it every weekend for 3 years and I got burned out. Only reason I was doing it was for the extra money.

The problem with the weekend work is the quality of the people calling. Most people that call on the weekend do not have a clue what they are doing or what they are talking about but they think they know more about the stuff they are calling on then the person, me, who sits here everyday and takes calls from morons like them. This of course happens on occasion during the week but it is the weekend when they come out in force. I guess the reason we get so many of the idiot calls on the weekend is because there is very few calls and it is just the morons that call. The people that might have a clue what is going on are smart enough not to have to work.

Boredom is another problem on the weekends. I have a few extra stuff I am suppose to be doing during the week but don’t get a lot of chance to do it during the week. Seems every time I go unavailable to take calls to do the extra duties that my team lead has given to me mostly because he is lazy to do it himself, and he likes the way I analyze the stuff, he is sending me a pop up message telling me to go available.

The reason we have what is called aux codes is to account for our time. But if he expects me to do the extra stuff and still remain avail to take calls he is crazy. I want to account for the extra time I have to take to do the extra stuff.

So I just wait till I have to work a weekend then do it. Of course I am still avail to take calls but we don’t get that many calls so I can usually get the stuff done. Provided I don’t spend my time surfing the Net or reading a book or something. Of course you can only look at the work safe web sites so much before they get boring.

3M to be primary sponsor for Biffle in 2008

11 10 2007

“3M announced today a multi-year partnership with Roush Fenway Racing to become the primary sponsor of the #16 3M Ford Fusion. The contract calls for 3M to be the primary sponsor for driver Greg Biffle for 23 Sprint [Nextel this year] Cup races in 2008. Terms were not disclosed. “Greg is one of the most respected drivers in NASCAR and we’re looking forward to building on the great relationship that has grown over the years with Greg and with Roush Fenway Racing,” said Bob MacDonald, 3M Senior Vice President of Marketing. “He’s great on the track and just as good with our customers and employees and with all the fantastic NASCAR fans. The 3M Motorsports team is really working hard to drive brand awareness and sales growth with the great NASCAR fans through our association with NASCAR and Roush Fenway Racing,” MacDonald added. “Jack Roush has been instrumental in helping us take 3M’s NASCAR program to the next level, and I appreciate everything he and his team have done. I also thank Todd Kluever for his contributions to our program over the last two years. We wish him every success in the future. ” In 2007 3M sponsored Biffle (19 races) and Kluever (14 races) in the Busch Series, and seven races with Biffle in the Nextel Cup Series.”

So here is my question, it says it is a multi year partnership with the #16 team so does that mean that TheBiff is going to resign with Roush? Then it says that it is just for 23 races in 2008? So I am even more confused. They don’t call it silly season for a nothing.

That Horse Will Never Win A Race

9 10 2007

The makers of Coors and Miller Lite plan to combine their U.S. brewing operations in an effort to compete better against industry leader Anheuser-Busch. The joint venture announced Tuesday will be known as MillerCoors and will have responsibility for selling brands including Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Coors, Coors Light and Molson Canadian in the U.S.

Rabbit Release

8 10 2007

Anyone know why Dale Jr has his firesuit rolled down so you don’t see the Budweiser logo in the team tylenol rabbit release commercial?

I was thinking it was because they don’t want the alcohol sponsor to show but then why would they even have Dale Jr as part of Team Tylenol?


Last Lap Excitement

8 10 2007

Once again Talledega proved why it is such a fun race to watch. Nothing like seeing 43 racing around a 2.66 mile track at over 190 MPH all within a few seconds of each other 3 wide.

Of course other then waiting for the “big one” and the last few laps the racing has a tendency to get boring. I stepped away for a few minutes to burn a DVD and wouldnt you know it I missed the “big one”. Got back in time for the replays though.

If you want to know how to play the Dega game look no further then Jeff Gordon. He ran in the back of the pack all day and only led one lap, matter of fact he did not even really lead a full lap but he crossed the finish line first and that is all that matters. Wonder if he gets 5 bonus points for that?

Someone at work won some tickets to the qualifying at AMS at the end of the month. They gave them to me and I tried to get the day off but was not able to get it so I passed them off to another race fan. I probably could have still gone since the cup qualifying does not start till 7:30 but I have a bowling league on Friday nights so I have to partake in that. I am thinking of going to the truck race on Saturday though.